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Mutually Agree on Key Issues

Generally, the first tip you will get by an uncontested divorce lawyer is to mutually agree on key issues on your own before reaching out any court. It is very important step if you want to have an uncontested divorce as it will save a lot of time of both partners with causing no emotional stress and depression phase in your lives. These key issues may include child custody, child support, spousal support, division of property and debt, visitation rights and so on. Although these issues are very difficult to sort out on your own but these are the basics of any uncontested divorce.

Look for a Mediator

The above tip is easier to say than actually implementing so you can take help from a mediator in helping you both to sort out these issues. Mediation in early stages of your divorce is very important to keep the divorce proceedings on smooth pace rather than blowing it up into a completely contested divorce. Of course, agreeing on such important issues during a divorce is not so easy as these are certain things where compromising seems to be impossible at times. Ask your divorce lawyers to involve a mediator in your case so you can have an uncontested divorce much easily.

Don’t Trust Your Spouse

Although uncontested divorces involve no fighting or arguments in court but it does not mean you can trust your spouse blindly before finalizing the divorce proceedings. You never know who can or who will definitely play some dirty tricks at any time without your knowledge. So, it is better to maintain a distance with your soon-to-be-ex spouse until everything is finalized officially and you get the written agreement and divorce papers in your hand.

DIY Divorce

Well it sounds weird and not much appreciated by professionals due to high risks involved but it actually exists and you can think about having one. DIY divorce means you agree to each and every point including key issues and other things involved in divorce proceedings yourself with mutual agreement from your spouse. Then you just check in to court only for official divorce proceedings and papers. But people generally opt for it when no other option is left for them like having no finances for lawyers or court expenses or they feel that they are able to take the high risk.

Keep Calm Throughout the Proceedings

Well, it is another big emotional exam but very important advised by any uncontested divorce lawyer. You have to keep your anger aside, forget all depressing phases of your life for few days, no fights and arguments with your spouse and just have to stay calm. You can attain such cool attitude by just reminding yourself that few more days to go and you will be out of this unwanted relationship in a few days. Of course, it involves self-counselling and self-healing but you have to work on it if you really desire to have an uncontested divorce.

Keep Your Documents and Agreements Ready in Advance for Court Proceedings

This is very important in an uncontested divorce where you have to prove that you are having an uncontested divorce in court. It is because if a judge finds out anything which looks disputed or any disagreement between both parties than he/she may cancel the uncontested divorce then and there. It will be converted to contested divorce and your planning will go vein plus it will also cost a lot extra money than your expectations. So, it is better to double check every agreement before reaching out to court so that no such situation may occur at the last moment.

Keep a Separate Lawyer for Yourself

The best thing in an uncontested divorce is to retain your own divorce lawyer Faifax VA no matter how smooth things look on the surface. When you people are opting for divorce then definitely there must be some conflicts involved about which your soon-to-be-ex spouse may take advantage without letting you know any bit of it. And of course since it will be your own lawyer so it will be much easier for him/her to represent your best interests professionally where things might end up in your favor much easily.

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