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Have you ever wondered why granite countertop companies and granite installers are still the most in demand when there are tons of materials now available for kitchen countertop options?

Know about granite countertop

Nowadays many versatile, unique and sleek designs, patterns, materials and colors available for countertops still granite is the most top-selling countertop and most homeowners prefer the natural stone granite rather than other most exquisite materials. The reasons are listed below.

Granite countertop features

1. Granite Is the Toughest and the Most Durable Material

The number one reason is that granite is the toughest and the most durable material out there for your kitchen countertops. If you ask this from the various granite countertop companies, they will say that granite is rock hard and is second in hardness to diamond. So it is the perfect choice for your countertops as it can retain any sort of heavyweight.

2. Granite is Exquisite and Beautiful

No matter how many engineered or handmade materials for countertops are invented, but no one can beat the beauty and originality of the pure granite stone. Granite is 100% natural and in its original form. There are many colors and patterns of granite to choose from and you can choose the most exquisite one for your countertops.

3. Granite is Unique

As granite is 100% natural stone extracted from the earth, it is in its original form. It is formed in hundreds of years through volcanic lava, heat and pressure and all the slabs are unique. The displacement of the crystals and the colors depend on the country and area and the amount and years of pressure. This means that no other kitchen countertop in the world will be the same as yours and you will have a unique granite countertop in the whole world. Also, there are some very rare colors of granite countertops which you can search form different granite countertop companies.

4. Granite is Heat Resistant

The best quality for your countertop is that it should be heat resistant. The kitchen is the hub of your house and cooking and all the things are prepared and placed on the kitchen countertops. It is really necessary that the countertop is heat resistant ass the stove is close and also hot pans and pots are placed on the countertops. Although you should take precaution and place hot rivets or hot plates before placing your hot pans and pots directly on the countertop even if you do place them, there will be no damage caused to your kitchen countertop.

5. Granite is Scratch Resistant

Due to the sturdiness and the durability of granite, it makes it impossible that it gets chipped, scratched or cracked. Most of your sharp utensils and tools of the kitchen are placed on the counter and sometimes you accidentally chop or cut on the kitchen countertop. In the case of granite, it is completely safe and it will not get chipped, scratched or cracked.

6. Granite is a Great Investment and Adds Value to Your Home

Granite is everlasting and will retain its beauty till the end. It is a onetime investment which will stay intact till the end and will add value to your home as well. Whenever you will want to sell your home in the future, granite will increase the value of your home and is a great return on investment.

7. Easy to Install

Granite is fairly easy to install and the installation process is not lengthy. You just need to call any of the professional granite installers and they will install it in no time without any hassle.

8. Granite is Low Maintenance

Your countertop goes through a lot of wear and tear and the preparation process such as mixing, chopping, blending and marinating. You use different ingredients, sauces, and spices for this purpose which are all placed on the countertop and many times there are liquid and solid spills and peels. Granite is easy to maintain and can be cleaned using just soapy ware and a washcloth and your granite will be as good as new. As for yearly maintenance, get it sealed and polished and it will remain new for years. You can ask any granite installers Potomac to tell you more maintenance tips.

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