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If you have a business or a startup and want to introduce your services and products into the vast realm of networking, then you’ll need a one-of-a-kind event planning team apart from working with good party rentals. Here are all the tips you’re going to need to build one so that your business can get the recognition it deserves.

Set Some Goals

First and foremost, before getting into the basics of actually building an event planning team, you need to set one thing straight and that is your company objective/goal. Once you know what you’re trying to communicate with your potential customers and users, you can narrow the objectives down into manageable goals and assign tasks to the team so that they can hit the ground running and bring results that will be fruitful for your business/startup.

Hire People

If you already don’t have potential options for event planning team members in your workforce, then it’s time to hit the drawing board and come up with hiring posters. When making a job description for the perfect candidate, you’ll need to be clear about the company objectives and the role of the candidate in this position.

Throw in some perks and sweeten the deal, so that the crème de la crème of planning team candidates can come forth and present their work and goals.

Scope Out The Potential

The best way to build an effective event planning team, is to find people who are good at what they do, and if they’ve done similar things in the past. Those are exactly the people that you need to grab hold of because they have the experience, they have the potential, they have the drive and they have the mind to give your company that much-needed boost into the world of success.

So, as soon as you get those hiring applications in, don’t just skim through them. Find out their strengths and if you feel like some people stand out from the crowd, then hit them up with a quick call or email, as soon as possible.

Skills Vs Credentials

A crucial thing you need to keep in mind before hiring the narrowed-down candidates is to not fret so much about their education or academic credentials. In today’s world and age, degrees are kind of overrated, not to mention, expensive, which is why a lot of people tend to pick up their skill expertise through different avenues and opportunities.

What you want to keep in the limelight is the experience and the work they’ve done in the past that makes them stand out. Some will have the experience of in-person event management while many may have virtual event planning experience.

Make-Up Mock Tasks

This is a tactic that a lot of companies use, especially when they’re hiring someone for a more immersive role that requires thinking and stretching the boundaries of possibilities. If you’ve called someone for an interview, whether it’s in-person or virtual, try to give them a problem to solve or a mock task, similar to the one you’re trying to get done at that moment and analyze the skills and problem-solving tactics of the potential employee.

This will give you the candidate’s hands-on insight, and as a hiring manager, it’s very important to notice.

Assign Tasks

This doesn’t just mean assigning tasks to the team members and calling it a day. When you’re building an event planning team, you need to highlight the key strengths and weaknesses, so that you know which member is great at a certain task.

For instance, someone can have a great grip on the marketing side of things, while another can be great at coming up with ideas for a new product/service, on top of that, there might be people who are great at designing a prototype and getting it through the initial stages of testing, and so forth.

These are skills that individuals have mastered, so try to assign tasks according to their expertise. You’ll see for yourself that every single goal and task will be perfect as it can be because it was handled by members who know what they’re doing.

Moreover, determine which tasks your team should do which should be done by the corporate tents rental Northern VA and other vendors.

Who Will Be The Leader?

For every business team, there is a leader who oversees the progress of the tasks at hand and motivates everyone else to give their best. Well, choosing said leader is easier said than done. Firstly, you need to choose someone who isn’t snobby or has a ruler mentality. In the versatile world of business, everyone needs to get their hands dirty, even the higher-ups and there shouldn’t be any speck of shame in doing so.

The leader should also have an optimistic personality and handle things with grace and professionalism. With a good leader on the team, the members will also give their best, and that should be the goal at the end of the day.


Communication is a critical factor when it comes to event planning and working with your team. How the event will unfold, what the key parts of the event are, and where things are lacking will only be acknowledged, if the line of communication between the members and the leader is clear and there aren’t any hiccups.

Focus On Creativity

The 21st century is all about creativity and presenting something that’s not only innovative but has a flair of uniqueness about it as well. So, creativity is something that needs to be given top priority, when building an event planning team. Events are the biggest platform where creativity can be flaunted and the results will be epic, so make that your team’s strong point and focus on presenting ideas that have a never-seen-before appeal.

The brain is a hub of unique and creative ideas and if you have some people on the team, who are good at crafting different things in their brains, then your team is, undoubtedly, top-notch.

Work Together

There will be times in event planning when heads need to stick together to end up with fruitful results. So, your event planning team should consist of people who are not only great as individuals but also exceptional links in a chain, and who can work together to solve those sticky and pesky problems.

All-rounding candidates will make the best event planning team and those are the people that you need to scour out from the sea of employees.

Reward The Efforts

Last but not least, your event planning team needs some appreciation as well. The team worked hard and if things are looking up for your company, then a reward is overdue. Rewards have an avalanche effect on the performance of the team.

It’s human nature to try to do better if you’re appreciated. So, take advantage of this fact and keep your team happy, because a happy team means happy customers. Ultimately, it’s going to do wonders for your company/business in the long run.


An event planning team has to be exceptional because they’re the people who are going to breathe life into your events and make them a whopping success. So, what are you waiting for? Gather a team and also connect with party tent rentals Frederick for organizing successful events.

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