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People who matter to you are in no need of any explanation for any of your actions because they know you. The real you, the one beneath all the decisions taken or actions done by you. Despite this, certain people feel obliged to explain themselves for tiniest of things. Some people resort to the explanation so as not to lose the person they want to connect to or have connected to. Others are indulged in self-doubt and acceptance from others.

In certain situations, we don’t need to offer an explanation, or we should be aware of how much we need to explain ourselves. There are plenty of reasons because of which we deem it right to come up with an explanation.

We Don’t Want To Be A Disappointment    

Being around people who don’t like you or think low of you is uncomfortable. Therefore, in order to not hurt people with our choices we have to a have stock of valid explanations. We believe our compelling explanations would make others see things through our eyes and won’t mind our refusal or disagreement to their choice.

To Stop Pricking Of Conscience

Many of us give importance to other people’s emotions, opinions, knowing or unknowingly. We roll out excuses to convince not only others but also ourselves. In our attempt to be the favorite one we think being submissive is the only way.

Looking For Validation

Our self-doubt makes us look up at others for validation. It is annoying to have to confront people who have opinions that are different from ours but it’s all about confidence. If we are confident and have a strong resolve, we won’t be perturbed by what others think of us. However, if we ourselves are unsure, we try to explain to others for reassurance and to gain an external approval for our actions.

Value The Connection With The Other Person

No one wants to lose a person they revere or want to get connected to. To maintain the bond, to come closer to the person, we present a barrage of excuses for what we do to make them understand us and support us. It is neither persuasion or manipulation but an attempt to show the real us to the person.

Being In Hiding For Far Too Long

Those who choose to remain silent rather than ruin the reputation by saying otherwise sometimes get the urge to stand up and clear things up. Their silence creates questions that many people begin to answer for themselves. So, to come out of that den the person starts to explain his/her every action. To have a voice of his/her own and become more visible.

How To Break Free From The Chain Of Explanations?

There are no rules and regulations to explanations, but certain limitations do exist.

Keep it simple while explaining yourself and make sure you say enough to clear your intention. Rest people who do not want to understand will never be satisfied with your excuses no matter you come up with the most genuine one.

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